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Magnum Casing Power Tong • 16" V8 HT

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Hydraulic 16

16" • V8 HT Hydraulic Casing Power Tongs

Magnum Manufacturing has successfully mastered the design and manufacturing processes of creating a world class power tong. By decreasing the weight and substantially increasing the power, Magnum Manufacturing out performs the torque to weight ratio of any competitor. Constructed of premium quality materials, Magnum’s unique system delivers safe, efficient, and reliable performance on every job.


  • Highest Torque-to-Weight ratio in the world (vs comparable tongs)
  • New patent pending jaw technology- pivotal or sliding jaw modes
  • Run conventional and CRA tubulars up to 14.5"
  • Backup tong available
  • Interchangeable gear design
  • New Magnum safety door
  • Integrated Automatic Shutdown (ADS™)Magnum Manufacturing located in Houston TX. Buy from experience.
  • Throttle Lockout Device (TLD™)
  • Four speed standard

Patent Pending

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16“ V8 HT
(in) 16"
(mm) 406.4
Max Torque: 120,000 ft/lbs
Gear Speeds:
50 RPM
Flow Rate: 55 GPM
Approx Weight:
(lbs) 2,200
(kgs) 1,043
Approx Weight w/ backup:
(lbs) 3,700
(kgs) 1,724
(in) 40
(mm) 1,016
Torque to Weight Ratio 54.5:1
Pressure @ Max Torque 2500